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dun and bradstreet rated
Since 1991, Global Star Capital has built an impressive list of clients and professional relationships.  Please note that all clients are bound by agreements with not only Global Star Capital, but more importantly, the facilitators of lending or equity source(s) for complete Non-Disclosure.  In addition, the lending or equity source(s) have contractual documents in place with the clients.  You will not be given their contact information.  You will receive references from the sources personally once you are in their hands and only after following the protocol.   The private capital available stems from families and trusts for the most part, people who cherish relationships and safety at the same time.  The operative word is private.  Below are a few examples of current and past projects plus testimonials from clients.
Dun and Bradstreet Rated
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"I have known Rich Cocovich since 1982. We attended school and played sports together as a result of being born and raised in a hard working blue collar Western Pennsylvania environment. Rich has worked hard to achieve a high level of success for not only himself, but his clients throughout the years. He has earned everything he has thanks to the ethics instilled by his parents and the environment we both shared as youths".

Daren Berringer
CEO 3D Political


"I have had the pleasure of knowing and dealing with Rich Cocovich business wise since 2003. Rich and Global Star Capital are commercial tenants of my family. He is an exceptional father and active in the community. We have had mutual clients in the past who have all sang praises for his work ethic and dedication".

Richard Neste Jr.
Performance Development Corp.
Foundation Realty Corp.


"Rich Cocovich is very much a professional; he is a doer. He works hard, but most of all he gets things done right the first time.".....Richard Stern, retired business consultant

"I have never met a person who is completely and 100% honest while shooting bluntly and from the hip like Rich Cocovich.  His fee was nominal and the best money we have ever spent.  If you want results, then get moving with Rich and Global Star Capital".....Martin Kamandido, Fenway Projects of Africa

"Global Star Capital is a top of the line company that I hired for a $50+ Million project. If it was not for hiring this company, I would have lost the opportunity for rapid advancement in the competitive oil and gas industry, specifically in the Western states of the USA. Their specialties cannot be matched along with the first rate knowledge of a project. I hired them based on merit and their consulting approach because I wanted the best results. Everything went just as planned and was enjoyable." .... David Hobbs, Oil and Gas Executive